Month: January 2012

How Big is the Mobile Marketing Opportunity?

Guest post by Pavel Webb, affiliate manager at TextMagic, discussing how big the mobile marketing opportunity is, whether mobile spend will follow eyeballs, Google and mobile, Apps, ads and SMS. The Mobile Marketing Opportunity is Huge Just how big is

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Social Sharing Strategy to Increase Content Marketing ROI

With content marketing and SEO becoming a critical component of Internet marketing, understanding how to drive distribution through social sharing channels is critical to your content marketing ROI (Return On Investment). Watch this video and learn about the tools, tips

SOPA Slippery Slope – Millions Say Nope

Yesterday marked a day of formal, demonstrated opposition of the SOPA/PIPA legislation currently under review in the US Congress. Many are calling this legislation the SOPA Slippery Rope. Large companies like Wikipedia and Reddit went dark while others like Google

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How Internet search works

Understanding how Internet search works is the key to unlocking the power of natural search traffic achieved for ranking on page one of the search results for search phrases related to the products and services your business sells or the

Google Search Plus Your World Fever!

Google Search Plus Your World has the potential to change forever the way that we search and socialize on the web. With billions of Google searches per day, this is one Google update Internet marketers can’t afford to ignore. Your

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Seven Anchor Text Tips That Matter

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a key part of any Internet marketing strategy. Experienced SEOs know that the largest SEO impacts typically result from off-page optimization, which is predominantly obtaining external links to a website being optimized from other trusted,

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