Month: April 2011

Analysis of SEOmoz Correlation Data

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz discusses his analysis of SEOmoz Correlation Data with observations about correlations of common SEO factors and their impact on rankings. There are some very interesting conclusions drawn which could lead to actionable steps for improvements. Whiteboard Fridays

Aaron Wall Video on using Title, Heading Tags to Expand Relevancy

In the following YouTube video, Aaron Wall discusses how SEOs focus on ranking in Google can use the Page Title, Heading Tags to expand relevancy of content to a broader set of searches. For those new to the SEO industry, Aaron

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Google Focus on Quality Validated by Chrome Extension

As Google and its users struggle with the ongoing menace of Web SPAM, the recent Google Panda update, whose roll-out was just completed on April 11th of 2011, has received some validation by the Chrome Extension Blocklist opt-in user data.

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5 Steps to Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

Virtually all contemporary marketers understand the need and value of promoting businesses on social media. Oftentimes the challenge is how to get started. Getting started includes selecting which social network or networks are the best fit, specifically, which social networks

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Will Work For Links – How Valuable is your Website?

Many business owners often are unaware or underestimate the value of links from their well established  authoritative website and can sometimes negotiate discounts or in the case of very small projects, free consulting for start-ups who will work for links. Once again, knowledge is power.

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