Month: January 2011

Facebook Instant Personalization – Reason for Worry?

Facebook Instant Personalization was launched in April of 2010 and is now gradually being rolled out. As one might expect, the media has ratcheted up the Facebook privacy hype. Just the facts, please. Facebook Instant Personalization – Should you be

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Spam Comments – Comments Anyone?

A large source of Internet spam are spam comments left by low-cost SEOs or their outsourcing partners, or worse yet, spambots. The question is, if you are concerned about the brand you are promoting, are spam comments a good tool

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LinkedIn InMaps Network Visualization Service

LinkedIn has launched a Network Visualization tool which creates an image map of your professional network. The driver is no doubt to drive user activity, thus adview monetization opportunities. Whatever the reason, pretty cool! Every wonder what your professional network

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Adding your Business to

eBiz ROI strongly recommends adding your business to by adding or claiming your local business listing to provide control over your business listing content while enabling you to respond to customer comments that are left on your profile, whether

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Creative Link Building Techniques

Creative link building techniques requires both a good deal of business and common sense. Building relationships, both online and offline is the key to success in acquiring high value links from authoritative websites of interest. Creative Link Building Techniques Video by SEOMoz This SEOmoz

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Disappearing DimDim Disappointment

After gratefully using the DimDim free web conferencing service for over a year supporting eBiz ROI, Inc. and more recently integrating the DimDim web conferencing widget into the eBiz ROI Website and Blog, you can imagine the disappointment from reading

Majestic SEO to Take Over Where Yahoo! Site Explorer Left Off?

With sources of publically available, free Internet link data becoming more scarce, Majestic SEO offers a tool that includes a free version providing SEOs alternatives to Yahoo! Site Explorer, a long-time industry staple, but whose future now appears in question,

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Complimentary Internet marketing webinars for SMBs every Wed from 1-2 PM (EST)

Complimentary Internet marketing webinars for SMBs every Wed from 1-2 PM (EST) Just starting a new business and want to make sure that your business is on the map? Looking to maximize the return on your time and advertising investments?

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