Month: April 2010

WordPress Blog Ping List

What is a WordPress Blog Ping List and what do I do with it? While reading a post about whether Google likes blogs better than websites, a comment was made that a blog provides mechanisms to let Google and other

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Submitting Your Website to Google

The process of submitting your website to Google is fast and easy. Though inclusion is not guaranteed, most sites with original content are included relatively quickly when submitted through the Google add URL page. So now you have your business

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Twitter Integration into Google Search Results

The following demonstrates Twitter integration into Google Search Results. A search for Internet Marketing Services on Google yielded a new section on page one of the search results. A section labeled “Latest Results for Internet Marketing Services” comprised of two

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When bidding $25 per click provides ROI

When bidding $25 per click provides ROI. Evaluating this in the context of sales and marketing strategy can be done by examining the average lifetime value of a client to justify bidding $25 for mesothelioma clicks. When evaluating your target market

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Driving to Social Media Success, Are We There Yet?

Declaring social media success requires that social media strategy and tactics be driven by business objectives and evaluated by relevant ROI metrics. There is a lot of discussion about Driving to Social Media Success and how companies are going to

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