Month: January 2010

Whitehat SEO is Hard Work Blackhat SEO Not Worth the Risk

White SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is hard work but rewarding nonetheless. SEO done right at least. Done right means employing only ethical SEO tactics, often referred to as “Whitehat” SEO tactics. Risks associated with what is referred to as “Blackhat”  or

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Local Product Search 2010 Opportunity for Capital District Retailers

Like two out of three Americans, eBiz ROI procurement relies on the Internet local product search as our first, primary source of local product information.  Recently we found a local product search opportunity for a large, national office supply retailer. This

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Consumer Confidence High in US Low in UK

Recent studies on US consumer confidence show positive signs for US economic recovery, while a UK study shows consumer confidence at a 12 month low. Did anyone notice that there were two news stories on consumer confidence today? One headline

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