Month: October 2009

Top Advertising Methods

There are too many web pages available in the internet. Outshining the competition seems to be the goal of every webmaster. Advertising and marketing their site is what they have to do. Online marketing techniques are taught almost everywhere in

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The link between backlinks and Google authority

Backlinks and their relationship to authority is an intermediate Internet marketing concept. Here is what is generally accepted by industry leaders and validated based on personal experience . Authority – simplified The more authority your site has the better you

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Search Engines Remain Primary Local Business Information Source

According to an annual TMP Directional Marketing (TMPDM) local search study announced earlier this month, there were 21.9 billion searches across all media platforms in June 2009, up 31% from a year earlier. Among other things, the study commissioned by

Search Share Grows in 2009, CPA Steals from CPM

Search revenue in the first half of 2009 accounted for 47% of Internet advertising revenues, up from the 44% reported in the second quarter of 2008. Search has more than double the share of 2nd highest category, Display Advertising, which

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Free Local Search Submission

Local Search is an important resource, especially for businesses whose primary focus is a local market. A good way to boost local search traffic is to create listings on popular local search directories. This is especially relevant if you sell